Since its establishment in 2011, CCG has successfully implemented projects on Constitutionalism and Constitutional Literacy with the support from Christian Aid International and Open Society Foundations; Youth Mobilization and Tax Justice Campaigns with the support from Action Aid Uganda; Shrinking Civic Space in line with challenges of Freedom of Speech, Association and Assembly in Uganda-supported by CIVICUS; Partnered with East African Community (EAC) to organize the first EAC dialogue on political integration and 5th Annual Meeting on good governance in Kampala and Burundi
respectively, programs in Civic and Voter Education project codenamed “Youth Rock The Vote”, a Constitutional Sensitization pilot project in seven districts in an effort to supporting the upcoming Uganda’s constitutional review process in partnership with the International Republican Instituteiri. CCG is running a civic education program in 25 universities under Hope Initiative program and 8 religious affiliated institutions of higher learning with support from the Democratic Governance Facility – Uganda; and is also carrying out Research on “Re-examining Democracy in Uganda” with support from Open Society Initiative East Africa -OSIEA. CCG has registered remarkable success on advocacy for constitutional governance in Uganda as well as the re- awakening of the students’ movement in higher institutions of learning.


CCG is a leading member of Civil Society Coalition on Constitutionalism in Uganda; Secretary to the Civic Education Coalition in Uganda (CECU) that brings together state and nonstate actors to harmonize civic education approaches in Uganda; and Member of CIVICUS (World Alliance for Citizens Participation). CCG is also a member of the Steering Committee for the Universal Periodic Review and the National Action Plan on Human Rights and specifically a Chair of the Minority Rights Group.


CCG is led by a Board composed of leaders of high repute and experience in various fields in Constitutional Governance and Citizens Organizing. The Board is responsible for the overall strategic direction and oversight towards the operations of the organization as well as policy direction.


The organization is led and managed by a highly committed and vibrant Executive Director who is the overall head of the organization and the Deputy Executive Director/Director of Programmes is a constitutional/ Human Rights Lawyer who over sees all the day to day programs. CCG also has experienced and energetic team of staff with multidisciplinary qualifications and expertise with proficiency in understanding context issues and experience in constitutional matters, political discourse, policy engagements, citizen engagements, use of participatory methodologies, research and financial management. It also has a strong program management and implementation team and support service teams that are the foot soldiers.


CCG has an equal opportunity employment policy that allows both men and women to compete favorably. In terms of program implementation, CCG has an institutional entrenched policy that regulates gender parity in all its programs and specifically in the composition of Hope Initiative clubs; section of leaders and ensuring mandatory equal representation of male and female citizens in all programs activities. This applies in all processes and events. Gender issues that affect female and male as well as other diversities amongst the citizens such as disability and other social considerations are taken into consideration.



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